Rotaract Helsinki is updating to new website

Hey you all! We are currently building a new webpage to us. Here you can find our contact information and some old blog posts about our previous events and meetings and all the other happenings.

About our meeting dates, you can find them on our Facebook page .

See you again when we publish our new website!

Bowling with the Rotaract Club of Espoo

Last week our club had a fun meeting with the recently founded Rotaract club of Espoo. The Rotaract Club of Espoo was founded last year and now we finally had the chance to to get to know each other! We met for a match of bowling in Kallio. What better way to chat and connect than having a fun meeting? It was a blast and we hope to meet again in the near future!


First meeting of the year

We hope you had a great holiday and a good start into the new year. Our first meeting of the year will be held on January 10th at 17.30 at our regular meeting place at Vilhonvuorenkatu 12, 00500 Helsinki.

On the agenda we have a presentation of one of our club members who will talk about her year without buying any clothes. Additionally we will go through the upcoming events this spring such as our coming projects, the activities with the Espoo club, the board election meeting and the responsibilities and planning of the restaurant day.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!

Project Pitching Competition

Every year the Rotaract Club is doing a few big projects along smaller ones. In a big group it’s always difficult to find a project everybody agrees on and is passionate about. This is why we decided to mix things up this year by organizing a project pitching competition. Our club members were asked to prepare a project proposal. As this is not the easiest thing to do, one of our club members walked us through the steps to develop a project pitch:

  • STEP 1: Identifying the need – A beginning for every project is a need. To start off, spend several days or even weeks understanding what need would you want to address. What are you frustrated about? What current happening in the society worry you? What ignites your passion? Go through these things, read the news, research, note down your personal aspirations. And outline clearly what need in this world, our club or yourself, you would want to address.
  • STEP 2: In 3-4 sentences, clearly write what need you want to address, who is in this need and what you know about the current situation in this area.
  • STEP 3: After you have identified the need, think how we could solve or provide for this issue. What do the people/organizations involved need? Is it time, action, support, guidance, money? How could we provide that? Is it a long term project or a one-time thing? Once you have an idea of the approach, write it down in 3-4 sentences – what we should do, who else should be involved, how can we provide what is needed.
  • STEP 4: After you have outlined a potential solution, think of how exactly the people involved in the case, the people or organizations with the need will benefit from this possible solution! Clearly write the benefits in 3-4 sentences.

The meeting day to pitch the projects approached and we were all excited to see what everybody came up with. Each club member who attended, presented their project idea in 3 minutes, no projector, only a short talk about the project. In addition we had project ideas from two our members who were not able to attend. They submitted their ideas beforehand so our club president Jasmin was able to present them in their name.

In total we ended up with 12 project ideas alone from our club members. We also read through the project ideas from our new members event and added those to the project list.

Each member than hat the opportunity to vote for three projects. As there were a few members not attending, we decided to go through a second round of voting in our Facebook member group. This way members who were not at the meeting could still ne involved by reading through the ideas and vote for their top 3 ideas within the next 10 days. We announced the project with the most votes at the next meeting.

The projects with the most votes were:

  • Rotaract Challenge against too much fashion  – 8
  • Octpussies for prematurly born babies  – 7
  • Youth & Career  – 6
  • Bringing people together with food  – 6
  • Together against Loneliness – 6

We decided to start working on the „ Rotaract Challenge against too much fashion“ right away. We will introduce the project with another blogpost and additionally make sure to update the status on the project regularly.

Meeting November 1st

Our next meeting is today November 1st at 17.30 at our regular meeting place at Vilhonvuorenkatu 12, 00500 Helsinki.

On the agenda is announcing the winners of our pitching competition and of course we will start planning those projects!

See you tonight!

Nordact 2017

On 13th – 17th October few of our club members joined with almost 200 other Rotaractors to attend Nordact Conference. This time it was arranged by Norwegians and first time it was arranged on a cruise ship! On Friday morning 13th October we traveled from Helsinki to Copenhagen where we took a cruise ship to Oslo Norway, we spent a day in Oslo down town and then cruised back to Copenhagen.

2017-10-13 15.35.56


2017-10-13 17.36.45

Friday evening welcome event

2017-10-13 22.24.09

ARRR Pirate party about to start

2017-10-14 10.47.55

The most exciting part of the weekend: NORDIC CHALLENGE

2017-10-14 11.24.03

Sight seeing in Oslo

2017-10-14 11.46.292017-10-14 12.19.162017-10-14 12.20.56 HDR

2017-10-14 14.01.39

Tour at the beautiful Oslo city hall

2017-10-14 22.02.51

And the Saturday evening ended with a gala dinner and afterparty!

Open House event at Ølhus Oslo 4th October

On the 4th of October we had Rotaract Helsinki Open House -event that was held in Ølhus Oslo. We had 12 new people visiting the event from various nationalities as well as two Rotarians, one from Pasila Rotary club and other one from Vihti.  And  of course 6 of our current members.

During the event we had speed dating to break the ice and learn about our favourite places in Helsinki as well as our knowledge about the organization. According to feedback speed dating was a hit and we are definitely going to do this next year as well. Further our president Jasmin gave short introduction about the organization and Rotaract Helsinki club. Last we had short brainstorming workshop about projects that could be done in Helsinki. The workshop was an introduction to next meeting on Wednesday 18th when we have a project pitching competition.

We want to thank every one for participating and Ølhus Oslo staff of helping us to organise the event. We welcome everyone to join our meeting on the 18th of October in Vilhovuorenkatu 12, Helsinki at 17.30.


Company Visit to Kalevala Jewelry

Last week our club visited the headquarters and factory of Kalevala Jewelry together with the Rotary e-Club of Verkkorotary.
Kalevala Jewelry is based in Pitäjänmäki, in Helsinki and they manufacture all their products there.

We got to hear an insight on the future trends of the jewelry industry as well as the interesting the history of the company. This year, the company is already turning 80 years old!

Every piece of jewelry they make goes through approximately 16 pairs of hands.Thank you for the excursion!

Rowing for Herring 1.10.2017

On the 1st of October two of our Rotaract club members were able to take part in the meaningful event „Rowing for Herring“. It is a yearly event organized by five Rotary clubs in District 1420 to save the Baltic Sea. This time the 100 Finnish good deeds for water were celebrated in addition. The 100 Finnish good deeds for water campaign recognizes citizen projects to improve and protect the water quality all over Finland. The Rowing for Herring is such an event. Every participant pays a fee in order to row and take part in the event. The fee is a charitable amount and the funds raised at the event are donated to an organization which aims to improve the water quality in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Thanks to the Pasila Fredriksberg Rotary club Jasmin and Johanna row alongside numerous other participants.


The day started with every rower gathering at the Finlandia Hall, enjoying a morning coffee and meeting the other team members. We were assigned to Team 100, teamed up with the exchange students. After some general introduction from the organizers we made our way down to the boats. Equipped with lifejackets and some water to hydrate during the way we row from Töölönlahti to Kauppatori. We have both never rowed in such big boats before and had a really fun time. The exchange students are very talkative, full of energy and very open. And the calm fall atmosphere was breathtaking.

After coming ashore, we made our way to the city hall to enjoy lunch and drink coffee together. As this Rowing for Herring event represented the grand finale for the „ 100 Finnish good deeds for water“ campaign, the Finnish environment minister Kimmo Tiilikainen presented and rewarded the three best acts for Finnish waters during lunch. The event ended with an invitation to the Rowing for Herring event in 2018 as well as rewarding every rower with a diploma. It was a very fun event for a good cause and we are really glad that Pasila-Fredriksberg Rotary club sponsored two of us to take part in it.


Rotaract Helsinki Open House 4th October

Are you interested in internationality, professional growth, and hands-on projects aiming to improve the society with a close-nit group of young people? If yes, Rotaract might be your platform for doing that.

This autumn Rotaract Helsinki will be hosting an open house – come to hear about Rotaract and to see what our club is all about. You’ll get to meet the Helsinki Rotaractors, ideate potential projects and get to know the organization first hand.

What is Rotaract?

Rotaract is an organization based on community service, leadership and networking for young people between the ages 18-30 from all professions and fields of study who want to develop their community and themselves. Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored worldwide phenomenon with over 9000 clubs in various countries and continents. Each member has a chance to influence and develop our club and its activities.

What does Rotaract Helsinki do?

We meet every other week to plan projects, make business excursions, listen to expert lectures, and to have fun social activities. Various charity and service projects are also a part of our club’s activity both locally and globally. Our motto is the same as of Rotary International: Service above self.

Rotaract Helsinki was founded in 2009 and is an international club, therefore our club language is English. It’s a great place to practice your English skills while make a difference in the local and global community.

What: Rotaract Open House event
When: 4.10. 18->
Where: Oslo Olhus, Haapaniemenkatu 3-5, Helsinki

Some snacks will be served.

See you there!